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How did Knitting Nuances get started?
Hi, my name is Laura Cunitz (it is pronounced Q-knits which will make it easier to remember!). Several years ago I started Bella Knitting with two remarkable women I met while working part time at my LYS, The Knitters Studio in Menlo Park, California. But life happens and we split up to have babies, start new careers and, in my case, to deal with a illness that left me unable to knit more than a swatch for several years.

In one of those silver lining deals, while I couldn't knit much I could think about knitting (a bit obsessively as it turns out). As I started to pick apart my knitting, I found different ways to work existing techniques that sometimes made all the difference in the world. Once I got started I couldn't seem to stop and now have a pile of ideas I can't wait to share with you. I've also got a great support team that helps proof read, test patterns and generally keep us going on a day to day basis.

On a personal level, we currently live at Lake Tahoe but have also lived in the New York, Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego areas. I have two teenage kids and can clearly demonstrate to them that the path you start your life on can take you in fascinating directions if you let it since I started as a CPA, moved to work at IBM for many years in marketing then started a knitting design company. Really? Well, I say "why not?".

What are Knitting Nuances?

Think of it as knitting outside the box. A fresh look at knitting skills we've all used for years without change in most cases. This applies to skills, stitch patterns and construction. Each project is designed with all three elements in mind. We'll use some of these nuances to change how you start projects, put pieces together and bind off with lots of fun along the way.

The techniques presented in our patterns and on our web site all come from this analytic immersion into knitting skills. However, there are thousands of talented knitters out there who's ideas I may have duplicated. It's never on purpose and we would be happy to link to them as well if you find something.
How will Knitting Nuances connect with knitters?
I've got lots of ideas and can't wait to share them all and in a way that makes sense for a variety of knitters; with blog articles, interesting patterns that act as tutorials, detailed skills pages that teach you how and why, class materials for Local Yarn Shops and support for designers. We think all aspects of our knitting community are pretty amazing so we're going to include everyone on this journey.

About our Patterns
Since we are not constrained by a 2-inch wide magazine column we like to spread out a bit. We have a goal to write great patterns with a nice layout, helpful hints, designer’s notes and how to photos. We're going mobile too with downloadable chart files you can put on your phone or tablet. Please let us know if you have any recommendations we'd love to be leading edge. We've included sample pages with many of our patterns if you want to take a look before you buy.

Our Wordpress Blog
We’ve made friends with our regular readers and hope you join us. The blog has project announcements, details on new Nuance techniques and heaps of general knitting thoughts. It’s pretty well rounded and not too serious.

Where You Can Find Us
I love to share so if you're online you're sure to find us.

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