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The Showy Garter

The contrast of the Showy Decrease is even more pronounced when you partner it with garter stitch. I’ve had so much fun with it that there are 4 Showy Garter eBooks in the works. The first, our introduction to Showy Garter, is free.
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Our friend and model Nikki, was a real trooper during our winter photoshoot. Show to the right is the Granite Lake Shawl.
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Free Tutorial eBook This is so much more than a few patterns published together. It’s 21 pages long and there are pages of tutorials to help you get started.

Rubicon Bay

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Carnelian Bay

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Zephyr Cove

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There are a series of 5 blog posts introducing the idea and each of the 4 projects.

The free ebook includes patterns for 4 dish cloths. These act as tutorials for the various ways to use the Showy Decrease with garter. They also make great swatches.
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